“Froggy Friend”, Best $1 Ever Spent

My sensory kiddo doesnt like hates loathes getting hishair washed. He always has, but it’s stuck with him past “that age” where it’s appropriate and is extreme. When we found out about his sensory vulnerabilities, it made total sense. Auditory (shower/splashing sounds), tactile (feeling of water on his face), and vestibular (tilting his head back and feeling like he’s falling over).

We changed from shower back to bath, and that helped some. We folded 2 washcloths into thirds and had him hold them over his eyes, and he stopped screaming but still shook. Then one day he told me that he was afraid he’d drop the washcloths. Hm.

Fast forward to a random stroll through Dollar Tree. Boom! He loves frogs. And the terrycloth headband from the baby section had 2 bands of elastic that would hold the washcloths in place, addressing that fear! …I bought 2.

It was perfect. So perfect he let me stop midway through the washing process, with wet hair and soap on his head, to take this picture.

And because he wasn’t scared of droppin g the cloths, he even tilted his head back, tentatively at first. But, because things weren’t overwhelming, he kept it back and washing went faster. And with laughter.

I’m tempted to buy the Dollar Tree out of these, even though they’d be incredibly simple to sew…


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